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Earn passive income through MATIC.

Invest your MATIC and earn 1% daily rewards for 365% APR.


Innovative and Community Driven developers.

We chose to create PolygonPro to give Investors a new opportunity to grow their Passive Income. By offering our long-term 365% APR platform, along with the price appreciation of MATIC, increasing your Passive Income has never been easier.


10% of your rewards are automatically compounded for you upon claiming. You can also choose to compound all of your rewards.

Matic Pool

The Matic Pool provides all investors with a 1% daily return. You can increase your return by compounding or using the referral system.

Daily Rewards

You can claim or compound your rewards at any time. Your rewards begin to grow from the moment you invest.


MATIC Invested


MATIC Claimed


MATIC Compounded

How to Invest



Have your desired amount of MATIC you wish to Invest in your Wallet.



Enter your amount of MATIC into the Pool and preview your Investment. Click "Invest" once you are ready. 



Go to the "My Rewards" section to view the statistics of your Investment, as well as claim or compound your rewards.

Welcome to the Matic Pool.

Enter the amount of MATIC you wish to invest into the Pool. Upon entering the amount, you will be provided with a projection of your investment returns.

Make your investment.


Enter your MATIC below to see your Investment Projections.

  • Daily MATIC Return:
  • Total MATIC Return:
  • Daily % Return:
  • Total % Return:
  • Finish Date:
  • Initial Return Date:

My Rewards

View your Reward statistics below.
You can choose to claim or compound your rewards from here, at anytime.


Total Invested


Available Rewards


Minimum Total Payout (?)


Total Claimed


Total Compounded

My Referrals

Get rewarded when another Investor makes an investment using your link.
Referrals are offered at 5%, 2.5% and 0.5% for each level.


Investers Referred


Referral Earned


Referral Available


Referral Claimed

Your Available Rewards are included when you claim or compound.


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Click here to see our simple 3 step guide on how to get started.

You will earn your investment back within 100 days of investing. This is the base rate and does not include compounding or referral rewards, which will increase your rewards and decrease the time taken to earn your initial back.

You can claim or compound your rewards at any time from the "My Rewards" section.

Your available referral rewards are included when you claim or compound.

Your total return will be a minimum of 365%, which is paid out at 1% a day. This is not taking daily compounding into account, which will increase your daily rewards.


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We also have an Official Audit from HazeCrypto to ensure PolygonPro is secure.